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Lightfoot Logistics, LLC delights its valued customers within the local community by providing last-mile package delivery services that are on-time, reliable, and hassle free. 

Our work is highly meaningful and consistently challenging.  We are a team of professionals who maintain the importance of safety in all aspects of what we do, care deeply for the surrounding community and each other, and take pride in our ability to consistently execute our mission.


about the owner

Hi, my name is Devin Hollenbaugh and I’m the owner and operator of Lightfoot Logistics LLC.  I founded the company in 2023 after ten years with the U.S. Army leading high-performing acquisition teams as a civilian Contracting Officer.  Prior to this, I worked for the Walt Disney Company in Orlando, Florida.  My professional background instilled in me the importance of top-tier customer service and a strict focus on safety – both of which run deep within the culture at Lightfoot Logistics. I approach each day with a gregarious sense of humor, I thrive on positive personalities, and I love the rush of a refreshing cold plunge!

If you are considering applying with us, I encourage you to read through our core values.  If our values resonate with you, please don't hesitate to apply to become part of our high-performing team – I can’t wait to meet you!



what do we offer?

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